Woodstock Oxfordshire

Woodstock is a thriving town just to the north of Oxford which grew up as a coach stop on the road north, then around the Royal Hunting Lodge which became the site of the magnificent Blenheim Palace, home of the Dukes of Marlborough since the early 1700s.

At the centre of Woodstock is 'Market Place' where the Town Hall is to be found. Park Street goes towards the 'Town Gate' one of the entrances to Blenheim Palace, On the way you pass the Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene, which has been at the spiritual and geographical heart of Woodstock for a thousand years. With the Town Hall at the apex a triangle (photo) is formed with High Street on one side, Market Street on the other and Oxford Street at the base, each side is about 150 metres/yards long, so for a visitor staying in one of several good hotels or B & B's, it is an easy, level walk taking in what Woodstock has to offer, be it shopping for antiques, artworks or just getting a few things to make up a picnic.

Woodstock is a living town with a busy local business community as well as local residents going about their daily activities. Post Office, Banks, supermarket, newsagent amongst other amenities are all to be found in the same area, with people always willing to assist visitors with honesty and a smile. Woodstock is a safe place to be, walking around at any time of day or night will allow you to enjoy the experience of being in a typical old English town. 2007 Award - Photo