Ben Hancocks 1888-1962

A brief Biography

1888 – 1962

British Artists

Ben & May Hancocks

There are many British Artists of merit who have gone unrecorded, this website is intended to leave a record of one such Artist, Benjamin 'Ben' Hancocks, who studied and worked as an Artist all his life completing many fine works.

As can be seen from the photographs, however poor they may be, Ben Hancocks was skilled in all aspects of 'ART', pencil drawings through to Sculpture, in this last Art Form he excelled and for many years taught in the Department of Sculpture at the Birmingham College of Arts and Crafts. This small selection is just a fraction of a life time's hard work and dedication.

Family history has it that he was involved with the outside decoration for one of the large stores in Oxford Street, London. After moving to the South Coast of England he continued working until ill health prevented him from completing his final work, a beautiful clay model of 'TRITON' was ready for casting which I understand was carried out after his death.