The Wise Men

From three ways far
Came three wise men,
Rich in robes and jewels
For why?

Three things they sought,
These wise men three,
A Prophet, Priest or King.
But where?

A star led them,
The Three Wise men
To Bethlehem, David's City.
For what?

To honour Him and give to Him,
These men who were so wise,
Gave gifts and jewels.
What kind?

Gold, frankincense and myrrh
From the three Wise Men,
Rare gifts fit for a King.
A King?

The Wise Men

Yes, King of Kings!
O Three Wise Men
Return now home in haste.
Why soon?

For Herod seeks to kill,
O Rise Men Three,
This King so new and good. But why?

He loves not God,
O three wise men
, Only himself he loves.
O shame?

Yes shame, but cheer,
O Wise Men Three,
You sought, you found
Your King!

Sheila Jakobsson