The Skylark

When Christ was born in Bethlehem
So very long ago,
A little bird flew in to see
Why Ox and Ass had gathered there
To kneel beside the crib.

The bird flew round then settled down
Upon the crib to see
What lay inside the clean new hay
And why the light shone down.

He saw the Babe so sweet and new
And looked into His eyes.
He saw a gentleness so great
It filled the bird with joy.

The Babe put out his little hand,
The bird hopped gently on.
"Oh little bird, I love you so."
Was in the Christchild's look.

The Skylark

So overcome With joy was he,
The bird flew out and up,
He soared and soared high in the air,
Higher still and higher. It was the Skylark

Soaring high,
Bursting with love and joy,
Given him by the little boy,
Christ Jesus in the crib.

So let us all just like the bird
Aim higher still and higher.
Give gentle looks, do kindly deeds
Like Jesus in the crib.

Sheila Jakobsson