The New Day

The morn was fair and bright with sun,
The dew it glistened o'er the leaves.
From little songbirds throats was wrung
A cacophony of sound, little chests heave
With delight of another - new day!

As Mary walked, sad, dejected and alone
"It should not be," her tormented heart cried,
"The sun should not shine, nor birds atone
All that happiness, 0 put aside
For this is a terribly sad new day!"

Her head was bent, her tears ran down,
She did not heed the path she trod,
Nor hear the footfall on grass new mown.
She did not see the wounded foot in sandal shod
She could not see nor hear for grief - on this new day!

The New Day

"Whom do you seek? why do you weep?"
The words were softly spoken as from one who cared!
"The gardener," so Mary thought, and from her anguish deep
Implored him "Please to tell who had dared
To take away her Lord, - on this new day!

"Mary, Mary my dear, look up and see
I am here in flesh and blood as one.
No more you weep, lift up, 'tis He
Your Master returned, his ordeal done
Go, tell our friends, our news - on this new day!"

What joy! What bliss! Oh! yes the sun must shine
The birds must sing with full-throated voice
The Saviour of the world, our Lord divine
Has risen from the dead, rejoice, rejoice
Again, rejoice, - on this New Day!

Sheila Jakobsson