Mary and Gabriel

Mary and Gabriel Gabriel came from God himself
To Mary, Mother mild,
And promised to that little maid
A bonny wee man-child.

His shining face cast out the fear
That Mary first did feel,
And to that face she spoke so clear,
"God's will be done," and then did kneel.

"He will be great and good and kind,
No less a King He'll be,
To heal the sick in soul and mind
And make the blind to see."

Mary and Gabriel

"No throne He'll have, no royal robe,
Only a crib and cross,
And of His Kingdom here on earth,
A home among the moss!"

"But He will reign right in your heart
And in the hearts of men.
Blessed be you, 0 Mother mild,
And blessed be your wondrous Child."

The Angel spoke, then did depart
And Mary bowed her head,
And gave herself to God Himself,
And glory round her spread!

Sheila Jakobsson