Holy Mother Pray for Us

O Mary Mother sweet and tender
Cradled Jesus on your knee,
Yet, what a terrible surrender
Now you see Him on the tree!

A1l the happy childhood memories
When He played around your home,
Bathed His hurts and soothed His sorrows,
Never wanting Him to roam.

Never did you question why
He left your side to wander free.
Only now, you stand bereft, beneath
That frightening, sad, sad, tree!

Holy Mother Pray for Us

Surely now your heart is broken,
Pierced through as with a sword.
How you wept when you heard spoken,
"John your Mother, Mother - John!"

O Mary, Mother sweet and tender,
His pain lives on, years have passed,
When He sees what wrongs we render,
Holy Mother, Pray for Us.

Sheila Jakobsson